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Solara Café

Solara Café is a Italian restaurant proposal based on an all-day pop-up restaurant in NYC. With the name lifted from none other than Elena Ferrante's Neopolitan Series, the client wanted a whimsical, breezy logomark that conveyed a place for discovery, conversation and most importantly, good, fresh food.

I conceived, sketched and designed the assets below, and coded and designed a companion website for the brand.

Click for website and scroll down for assets.



Art Direction




Logomark & Color Scheme // For the logo, we riffed off ancient Grecian + Italian vases in a revamped way. Out came this pouty, loveable sunman! I paired Authentic Sans and Asul as our typefaces, for a contemporary feel with a traditional angle.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Menus // I featured portraits of Italian immigrants from Ellis Island, from the New York Public Library Digital Collections. I love the idea of these nonnas getting their time to shine on menus.

Event Posters // Little experiments to flesh out the restaurant's brand